Food and Health…  As mentioned in last weeks blog, I will be describing ways to make beneficial and health improving changes in your diet in a way that helps you to find what may be most helpful to you specifically.    Having an individual plan set up and made just for you is really what the goal should be.  


This week, I am just going to outline some things to think about that can be a factor in your planning before we get started.


Having in mind your top 2 concerns or changes that you want to make is helpful.  Is it pain, sleep, weight, energy, or what you may find to be your button - see the lists you can create below.


Knowing what you want to see for improvements in is helpful to have in focus on to keep you on track.


There are many things we can use for tools to support our process in this area.


FOODS - Here is a start of what we can use to help us gain clarity in this area to reduce overwhelm:


-List of what you eat now

-List of foods you would like to add to that list - and why

-List of foods you would like to remove from that list - and why

-List of 1 day up to 1 week worth of meal goals - what would your optimal diet look like


HEALTH - your current state:

-List of health issues we are wanting to improve - create a full list but then prioritize and indicate which ones are the big ones and then the lesser ones but still bug  you.


And your desired state:

-Without the above issues, what does life look like - how would your dream day look like with function and health being what you want it to be?


TOOLS - Food “tools” that can help us include, but are not limited to:

-Food Combining

-Paleo - eating like our ancestors did - unprocessed plants and meat

-Plant Based - mostly plants and less meat/animal products

-Keto - more fat and protein based - less carbohydrates

-Intermittent fasting


-Limiting other food substances that some people can react to - Oxalates, Salicylates, Histamines, Lectins, Phenols, etc.   Not all have problems with this, but some do so worth looking into if you have issue and nothing else has worked.



I hope this does not feel overwhelming, as it can in the beginning, but if you are trying to solve food or health issues, this will make the process quicker and easier to get to the root cause and feel amazing!


I will go into this more specifically next week so if you have an interest in doing some diving into this I look forward to doing this along with you!  Let’s play with food!


Have a great week and enjoy your longer sunny days!



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