Do you find that when life gets busy, especially when there are events that are more on the negative side of life, food and proper optimal food planning can go right out the door and take a back seat?


I personally have some challenges happening right now, and it is so common to find that making meals and focusing on healthy food, and even getting groceries can end up being limited in priority and time.


Having some backup plans can be a huge help in times like these.  Here are some things I would suggest when you have a similar situation happening.


Pantry items are key.  Usually you will have maybe some cans of beans, tomatoes as well as pasta or rice and such.  Having some throw ins like those items to add to meat and veggies is a quick meal in itself.


When you can, freeze fresh veggies, or buy some frozen veggies, so that you always have something on hand to prepare.  Buying fresh is great, but having some items in the freezer for when you can’t get to the store can be a huge help when you need it.


Cans of salmon or tuna, as well as frozen chicken breasts or sausages or ground beef is helpful  when you need to whip something up and want to include some meat options.


Each of these items, where you have your 3 macros for grain or bean, a veggie or 2, and possibly some type of meat, can go a long way to creating a nutrient packed “whole bowl”.  Top it off with a few spoonfulls of curry paste from a jar (a staple in our fridge!), plus some coconut milk, or a sauce like tomato pasta sauce, or a favorite spice, is the final touch.


We made a simple 5 ingredient whole bowl the other night, and it was so incredibly delicious and soothing after a crazy day.  I was tempted to order food as I was exhausted but this simple bowl was so easy and was so much more helpful to my health and digestion, and I was so grateful for it!


When you don’t have time for groceries, Quality Greens is always an easy and quick stop to get everything you need for your complete meals.  You may not know, but you can also use their 24 hour online ordering option on their website where you can have your fresh whole food items waiting for you to pick up.  Its take minutes.  It is totally free with a $40 order or add $5 if your order is less than $40.  Brilliant!


Enjoy your week!


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