Apple Crisp


Old fashioned apple crisp is a delicious, classic dessert that isn’t just for fall. On a cool winter day the aroma of cinnamon and apples baking in the oven is the perfect cozy and comforting treat to look forward to. Plus it’s easier to make than pie! Serve warm and top with a scoop of vanilla ice cream.

Ingredients:  7 - 8 apples, peeled and cut into chunks or thick slices (Gala, Honeycrisp or Golden Delicious work ...

Simple Blueberry Cake


Make this simple blueberry cake recipe! This blueberry cake is tender and delicious, loaded with blueberries, and not too sweet. It’s naturally sweetened and whole grain as written, too (check recipe notes for more flour options). Recipe yields one 9-inch round cake, enough for 8 slices.

Ingredients:  1 ¾ cups plus 1 teaspoon white whole wheat flour or regular whole wheat flour 1 teaspo...

Vanilla-Pear Holiday Punch


Make this pear punch for your holiday get-togethers! It’s not too sweet, but full of cheer. Recipe yields 8 cocktails (about 48 ounces total). Divide or multiply the recipe as necessary

Ingredients:  ¼ teaspoon ground cinnamon 24 ounces (3 cups) pear juice or pear nectar (I like C...

Perfect Baked Apples


These delightful baked apples turn out perfectly, every time! This baked apple recipe features tender apples stuffed with a buttery oat filling. It’s easy to make gluten free, dairy free/vegan and nut free—see the recipe notes for details. Recipe yields 4 baked apples.

Ingredients:  4 medium Apples  ½ cup old-fashioned oats ¼ cup lightly packed...

Blackberry Peach Galette


This delicious blackberry and peach galette is made with a whole wheat crust. It’s a beautiful, rustic dessert that’s perfect for summer time!

Ingredients:  Filling   5 ripe peaches, peeled and sliced 6 ounces of blackberri...

Plum Crisp with Pistachio, Oat and Almond Meal Topping


This simple plum crisp recipe features honey-sweetened summer plums and a gluten-free oat and almond meal topping! Ginger and pistachios send it over the top (but feel free to substitute another nut for the pistachios).

Ingredients:  Plum filling   2 pounds plums, halved, pitted and sliced (no need to peel...

Balsamic Stone Fruit Sundae


A super simple summer dessert featuring balsamic roasted stone fruit (peaches, plums and cherries) and vanilla ice cream. Feel free to wing the amounts—my friend just tossed the fruit with sugar and balsamic vinegar until they seemed “pretty well coated.”

Ingredients:  1 ¾ pound stone fruit (any combination of peaches, nectarines, plums and/or cherries) ...

Gluten-Free Peach Crisp


This healthier peach crisp features juicy summer peaches and a delicious oat and almond topping. See recipe notes for special diet adjustments. Recipe yields 6 to 8 servings.

Ingredients:  Peach Filling   2 ¼ pounds ripe peaches, peeled and thinly sliced ...

Easy Fruit Compote


Learn how to make fruit compote with this easy recipe! You can make compote with fresh or frozen fruit. It’s delicious on ice cream, yogurt, toast, pancakes, waffles and more! Recipe yields about 2 cups compote.

Ingredients:  1 pound (16 ounces) fresh or frozen fruit (for the photos, I used fresh strawberries, peaches, ...

Father's Day Peanut Butter Pie


This Father’s Day give dad what he really wants! This Peanut Butter Pie will earn you a standing ovation (and possibly favourite child status for life). With a crunchy chocolate cookie crust, a creamy peanut butter filling and a showy salty, crunchy chocolate top, this dessert is the perfect “something sweet” for any celebration.

Ingredients:  For the Crust 1 1/3 cups Oreo crumbs (or crushed chocolate wafers) 1/3 c...

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