Ginger Turmeric Tea

Reap the many benefits of ginger and turmeric in this simple and healthy tea that you can make from scratch at home! 

Ingredients:  1 cup of water 1 tsp fresh ginger, ground 1 tsp fresh turmeric, ground 1 tsp honey (optional) ...

Pepperoni Pizza Spaghetti Squash


Pepperoni and green bell pepper pizza spaghetti squash! All the best parts of cheesy, bubbly, golden brown pizza minus the carbs.

Ingredients:  1 spaghetti squash 1 tablespoon extra virgin olive oil Salt and pepper 1 jar pizza sauce Min...

Orange Marmalade


Using Seville oranges will give you the flavour of the best marmalades!

Ingredients:  ½ lb Seville Oranges           1 Lemon&n...

Kiwi Chia Pudding


A protein & vitamin packed quick dessert!

Ingredients:  2 portions 5 tbsp chia seeds 250ml coconut milk or almond milk 200g low fat Greek yogurt ...

Pumpkin Spice Muffins

Healthy Snacks

Sweetened with maple syrup and applesauce, with the benefits of flax seed and whole wheat flour, these muffins are a great option for breakfast on the run or a quick snack. 

Ingredients:  1 1/2 cups whole wheat flour 2 tablespoons milled flax seed 1 teaspoon baking soda 1/2 teas...

Persimmon Cookies


An easy to make, delicious cookie with ginger and cinnamon flavours.

Ingredients:  4C all purpose flour 2 tsp baking soda 1 tsp ground cinnamon 1 tsp ground ginger 1C butter ...

Roasted Squash Ratatouille


So many delicious flavours, beautiful colours and amazing aromas in this meal! Enjoy hot from the oven or at room temperature. Can be stored in the fridge for 2 days.

Ingredients:  2  zucchini                        ...

Apple Squash Casserole


A combination of autumn flavours with the crunch of a pecan topping.

Ingredients:  3lbs butternut squash, peeled & seeded 1/4C butter 1 tbsp brown sugar 1/4 tsp salt 1 das...

Brie, Apple & Arugula Quesadilla


A flavourful twist on a traditional Mexican dish. Use your favourite Okanagan apples to highlight this dish! 

Ingredients:  1 tablespoon Dijon mustard 2 teaspoons apple cider 3 (10-inch) flour tortillas 6 ounces Brie c...

Roasted Root Vegetables with Fennel


An earthy mix of delicious root vegetables, roasted to perfection to bring out the wonderful flavours! 

Ingredients:  2 parsnips, peeled, quartered lengthways 3 beetroot bulbs, peeled, cut into 6 wedges 3 carrots...

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